Nordic Network for Media and Communication Ethics

First International DEDA Seminar

First International DEDA Seminar

September 25, 2024
Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands

Initially developed as an impact assessment and dialogic process for developing value-sensitive design for data and AI projects (Franzke, Muis, Schäfer 2021 <>), the Data Ethics Decision Aid<> (DEDA) also doubles as means for participatory observation and for teaching data ethics (Siffels et al. 2022 <>).

DEDA maps ethical issues in data projects, documenting the deliberation process and stimulates accountability towards the various stakeholders and the public. Used as means for participatory observation, provides researchers with invaluable insights about data & AI projects, organisations, and their capacity for responding to ethical issues. DEDA is now available in Dutch, German, English, Greek, Swedish and Finnish.

We host the first international DEDA seminar to bring together researchers and educators to share their experiences using DEDA in research and education. DEDA has expanded internationally, now being available in English, German, Finnish, Swedish, and Greek. This seminar brings together researchers, educators and practitioners utilizing DEDA in different forms, for participatory observation, teaching, or developing value-sensitive design. The seminar is primarily focused on evaluating, exploring and advancing the use of DEDA in academic research and teaching contexts. Aspiring DEDA users are also very much welcome.

During the seminar we will have 3 rounds of expertise workshops:

1.          Societal impact: Stakeholder engagement with DEDA

2.          Research methods: Participatory observation with DEDA

3.          Education: Teaching data ethics for students and professionals with DEDA

If you work with DEDA or are interested in doing so in the future, please respond to the call for participation. Deadline: 30 April 2024.